What is Wrong with Stock Sights?

What is Wrong with Stock Sights?

I hear you… you paid good money for that pistol and don’t see anything obviously wrong with the stock sights it came with. Well, maybe wrong isn’t the right word… Let’s just say there is room for improvement - perhaps a lot! ;-)

Let’s look at the details.

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Sights: See What You Need to See

Sights: See What You Need to See

One of the easiest and most affordable upgrades you can have done to a stock pistol is to upgrade the sights.

Why is that important? To shoot well, you need to see what you need to see and the sights are what make that happen for you. This is especially important when you are considering a pistol for self-defense. You can make a decent hit with any sights, given enough time and some familiarity with them. In a self-defense scenario, though, it is rare to have plenty of time.

So, what should you look for? What makes for a good set of sights? Let’s dig in!

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The Attack Cycle

The Attack Cycle

A common misconception regarding street crime is that it is random. While that is true for a small percentage of crimes, usually the victim is targeted for specific reasons.

There is a deliberate, if unconscious, process to a criminal selecting a target known as the attack cycle and understanding how it works can help you stay safe.

I first became aware of the attack cycle as a formalized concept in an article in Shooting Illustrated magazine article by Steve Tarini. I had long thought of this in terms of fewer steps and Steve’s breakdown offered a few opportunities I had not considered.

In a nutshell, an attacker will follow a set series of steps when carrying out an attack:

  1. Look
  2. Choose
  3. Stalk
  4. Close
  5. Attack

Let’s look at each in more detail.

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New Website Is Here!


I am still working through the backlog to bring over all of the old posts from the old site, so please be patient.

I also have a new series of posts in the works regarding __gasp* equipment, specifically one of the most effective *and affordable upgrades you can make to your stock pistol ;-)

The new comment system will be online shortly, with some new features.

This has all been a bit more work than anticipated (isn’t that usually the case! LOL) but this new site opens up a lot of opportunities for us!

New Website Coming...

Hi all. Just a quick note to say that posts will be on hiatus for a while. I am working on a new website design and will be devoting my spare “computing cycles” to that effort.

I am hoping to have the new site up and running by the end of September, if all goes well.

Until then. keep up the good work and reach out if you want to schedule some training!



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