How Good is Good (Enough)?

shot timer

The question comes up in class from time to time: how good is good enough?

I like to shorten that to “how good is good” because I believe that if it isn’t good enough, it probably shouldn’t be called good at all ;-)

To some degree, this is a question that each person may have a different answer for. Depending on your lifestyle, age, habits, and the places your life takes you, you may have a much lower or higher threat profile than someone else. These are issues that requires personal consideration.

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Anyone Can Make a Mistake

Why do we have safety rules? Why are the rules designed to be multi-layered?

Everyone makes mistakes.

None of us are perfect. We all get distracted. We all have lapses of judgment. We all get tired. We all have times when we catch ourselves looking at what we have just done thinking whaaat???

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Equipment: A Question Answered

When asked for equipment advice or when I feel particularly compelled to offer it, there are a host of concerns that must be balanced. Costs, current skill level, expectations, benefits, reliability, suitability to purpose… well, you get the picture.

“Equipment” (or gear, if you like), in this context, refers to the all the tools we buy as shooters:

  • Guns
  • Belts
  • Holsters
  • Mag Carriers
  • Ammo
  • Sights
  • And so on, and so on, ad nauseam, infinitum ;-)

Most equipment questions have a single, often unspoken question as an undercurrent: How much do equipment choices really matter?


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