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Don't fret - we're still here...

We just have a new website on the way 😁

2018 was an excellent year for us here at Gray Man Strategies - a lot of training and learning took place - and we are taking some time over the winter to focus on improvements to our web presence and curriculum in preparation for what will surely be an even better 2019.

The new site will retain all of the great content from our old site (there will, of course, be lots of new content to come as well) but it was time for a more modern, mobile-friendly design and we wanted to expand the possibilities beyond what the old site could handle.

We expect our new website and training calendar to launch sometime around May so be sure to check back with us then!

Remember to keep up the dry practice and range visits over the winter break! 😉 See you soon!

( If you need to reach out in the meantime, shoot us an email... )