Hey there! :) My name is Tim and I’m a firearms instructor in the Charlotte, NC area.  I specialize in private instruction, tailored to each student’s needs, goals and equipment, with a strong focus on self-defense with a handgun.

I also teach classes on a regular basis for those wishing to get their NC Concealed Handgun Permit.

My philosophy with training revolves around a few basic tenets:

1. Learning is built on Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude.

You have to start with correct information. You then develop skills around that information.  Most importantly - the whole process needs to be approached with the proper attitude for true learning to occur.

Knowledge guides the effort - skills are the building blocks - attitude fuels the work.

2. Effective training has to meet the student where they are.

If you are just starting out with firearms, a class on moving and shooting would not really benefit you much.  Likewise, you reach a point where you are ready to build on existing skills where continuing to rehash previous training at that point would not be the best path forward.

The best training starts where you are right now and helps you move forward!

3. Shooting well isn’t about gear! ;-)

In today’s world, too many people think they can buy skill.  Don’t get me wrong - having quality gear matters.  It does not, however, transform subpar skills into gold.  The shooter makes the shots!  Gear choices can assist with that but expensive gear is NOT what separates good shooters from average ones.

A good shooter can make good shots with whatever gun they are handed because shooting well is about putting in the work!

4. Maintaining and improving skills is a life-long process.

I am a firm believer in the idea that shooting well is a journey, not a destination - especially since shooting skills are perishable. If you are not regularly working to maintain and grow your existing skillset, you will see your skills degrade.

I can help you develop a training plan that will keep your existing skills sharp and put you on the path to continual improvement.